Learn All About Points Rummy Card Games Online

Taj Rummy is an ELITE professional brand. We at Taj Rummy continuously strive hard to provide the players with the best gaming experience. We operate and excel in multi-player / multi table / tournaments / single table rummy environments.

Our motto is to provide user friendly and secured gaming experience to players. We at Taj Rummy provide you with a platform where everyone can enhance their Rummy skills by playing with the skilled gamers from different regions.

Points Rummy is another exciting game variant at Taj Rummy, which is a rapid fix variety of Indian Rummy format online where each specific game ends for only one deal and is dealt with real chips or play chips.

Strikes Rummy is played in rapid fire rounds with each player’s aim being to win the hand quickly by collecting zero points. This variant of the classic 13-card Indian Rummy game is also known as Points Rummy.

The rules for playing this game remain the same as with 101 and 201 point Pool Rummy. However, in Strikes the points carry a numerical or cash value which is decided at the beginning of the game. In this game, the winner takes in cash as prize after defeating all other players.

Meld your hand quickly and sharply to call a successful Show and your win will give you zero points. On the other hand, players who don’t complete their Sets and Lives will be penalized with preset points calculated for every card that is not grouped.

The maximum score, or Full Count, allowed in a single Round in all variants of this game is 80. In a Strikes Rummy game you can opt to sit out or Drop during the first round itself, or even at a later stage, but this action attracts points too.

With points counted at the end of every deal, players who don’t win get eliminated one by one until finally there is only one player with the lowest points scored in the game.

To calculate the prize money for your game, multiply the sum of all points collected by other players in the group with the assigned cash value minus the rake.

If you’re wondering about the secret of winning in the Pools, then simply remember the rules of Indian Rummy. Points are counted on basis of cards which do not fit in the Sets or Sequences which must be formed with all thirteen cards at the end of a round. In other words, players are penalized for not having melded their hand quickly and successfully enough.

While every player must draw a card in this game a good way to stay ahead of other players in the Strikes Rummy game is to grab an opportune card from the pile of open or discarded cards. At the same time, avoid keeping and holding random cards that do not fit anywhere. The Strikes Rummy game ends when there is only one player left at the table, who is declared as the winner.

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