How To Play 90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo is considered as the most popular and traditional game in UK. It is being played in all prominent European countries, Australia and South America. It is traditionally known as Housie’ in which players get a chance to win multiple prizes. It basically gave birth to other styles of bingo that are quite popular nowadays in different parts of the world. Seasoned players know how to play bingo, especially 90 ball, which is not only traditional but also most entertaining and rewarding style. But for newbies, it might take some time to understand how to play bingo 90 ball because every game comes up with some rules and winning tips. Though it’s not a rocket science, still you need to know different aspects of the game before taking a plunge.

So, let’s take a look at quick tutorial of how to play 90 ball bingol, which will help you to understand everything about it.

Before you know how to play 90 ball bingo, it is important to tell you that it is the only style where you get a prize for each pattern. Players need to make one or two horizontal lines in order to win a prize. And if you are lucky enough to make full house win, having all numbers on your 90 ball card then you have certainly hit the jackpot.

In 90 ball bingo, card comes up with 3 horizontal rows and 9 columns. One column features numbers ranging from 1 to 9, second with 10 to 19, third with 20 to 29 and goes on like this till the last column which carries numbers from 80 to 90. First of all, you have to purchase cards. But before that it is advised to check the cards before clicking on them because once you click the card comes up with card selected’ button. In this way, you have to select cards and finally click on Buy cards’ button. Once you are done with purchasing cards, cards color transform which states that you are ready to play the game.

Now, players have to keep their eyes gazed on call board where numbers are called. Having highest numbers, call board displays more numbers than any other style of bingo. You will find 6 rows of 15 numbers each which comes to 90 numbers in total. When numbers are called, players just need to match with your cards. Though most of the sites offer Auto daub’ in this game, in case you won’t get this feature then simply mark the square space on your card to get colored for recognizing it easily.

Another important aspect of how to play 90 ball bingo and win it is to place all respective numbers in exact bingo patterns. The marked squares need to form a right pattern. And colors will help you to show that how far you are from BINGO moment. That’s why it is always recommended to choose a site which offers modern features such as best card sorting and highlighting’. These features will help you to sort the cards quickly which eventually help you to claim victory in just short time.

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