Sanjay Veg Oil Best Nutritional & Healthiest Cooking Oil

Rice bran oil is the world’s healthiest oil, whereas in Hyderabad, Sanjay Veg Rice Bran Oil is one of the best cooking oil. It is free of Trans fats and relatively low in saturated fats containing 32% polyunsaturated and 40% monounsaturated which will ensure that it lowers cholesterol. Sanjay Veg Rice Bran Oil is very stable and makes good oil for pan-frying, hence considered as best healthy and nutritional cooking oil. Rice Bran Oil is high in two unusual compounds called oryzanol and tocotrienols.
Oryzanol blocks the absorption of cholesterol into the body and Tocotrienols are a group of related fat-soluble compounds that are converted into vitamin E which is a well-researched antioxidant for the heart. Sanjay Veg Rice Bran Oil has a high smoke point, you can cook the food at higher temperatures without it starting to smoke and break down. So if you have to eat a heart healthy diet, rice bran oil would be good to buy for stir-frying.
Rice bran oil is the solution to the ever increasing cases of metabolic syndrome; it has been promoted by some health experts. Although this unique edible oil has many nutritional benefits, including being a worthy source of the minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidant nutrients
One of the best things about consumption of Sanjay Veg Rice Bran Oil is used for Indian cooking both Non-Veg and vegetarian preparations as it retains antioxidant stability even at high temperatures. After China, India is the second largest producer of rice; it has the potential to produce over 14 lakh tonnes of rice bran oil. Currently, it produces about 9 lakh tonnes, of which edible oil is only 3 lakh tonnes, while the rest is used by Vanaspati industry or blended with other oils and sold as branded products.
Further India imports nearly 100 lakh tonnes of edible oils and is the third largest import item of worth Rs 60,000 crores every year, next only to crude oil and gold. Fully taking advantage of Rice Bran Oil potential will lower the import of edible oils and saves foreign exchange.
With gaining popularity of rice bran oil as a healthful option for cooking, its market in the country is assumed to grow by 15 per cent to Rs 4,600 crore this year. Rice bran oil, is produced from a brown layer of rice, it is advised to be healthy cooking oil as it contains features of lowering cholesterol levels.
The government today allowed bulk exports of Rice bran oil and removed measurable restrictions on out-bound shipments of natural edible oils.
Although India is a major importer of edible oils, the government has admitted bulk exports of rice bran oil to help small rice millers accomplishing better price as demand of this cooking oil remains definite in the domestic market.
Annually, over 10 million tonnes of vegetable oil that is widely edible, which is some 60 per cent of the country’s total demand. The government has now decided to permit bulk exports of rice bran oil, considered as prime choice of edible oil with limited consumption in India, without any limitations of minimum export price or consumer packs, adding that this would not increase the cost of rice.
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