Online Bingo Games Slangs And Phrases

No doubt, online bingo games have become the most played online game all over the world. This is why, many online bingo games online providers keep on coming over the Web like never before. It is the most entertaining online game which is full of pleasant surprises. One of the best features of the game is online chat rooms where players get the most fun. Bingo chat rooms are developing on a rapid pace. Keeping in mind the growing craze of them among players, operators keep on adding features that will help players to communicate and entertainment them in a better way. Avid players must be aware of bingo lingos that are designed to make the communication among players faster and better in the chat rooms. But there are certain phrases and slangs as well that are being used while calling someone or giving nicknames. They might be confusing for newbies who don’t know about them. So here, we have brought a list of all those phrases and slangs that will surely help you to understand and make use of them while playing online bingo games in chat rooms.
Two dozen
Duck and dive
Bed and breakfast (traditional price was 2 shillings 6 pence), Half a crown (equivalent to 2 shillings 6 pence)
Gateway to heaven, little duck with a crutch
Duck and its mate
Rise and shine
Dirty Gertie, Speed limit
Get up and run
Buckle my Shoe
Two little fleas, Sherwood forest (all the trees)
Ask for more
Jump and jive, Flirty wives
Three dozen
A flea in heaven
Christmas cake
All the steps (from the 1935 Hitchcock film), Jack Benny
Two score, Life begins at, Naughty 40
Life’s begun, Time for fun
. Whinny the Poo
. Down on your knees
All the fours
. Halfway house, Halfway there
Up to tricks
Four and seven
. Four dozen
PC (for police constable), Copper
Bulls eye, Half a century, Hawaii five O
I love my mum
Weeks in a year, Pack ‘o cards
Stuck in the tree, The joker
Clean the floor
Snakes alive, All the fives
. Was she worth it? (From the original price of a wedding contract)
Heinz varieties, All the beans
Make them wait, Choo choo Thomas
Brighton line (the London-Brighton engine was number 59)
Three score, Five dozen
Baker’s bun
Tickety boo, Turn on the screw
Tickle me
The Beatles number, Red raw
Old age pension
Clickety click, All the sixes
Made in heaven
Saving grace
Either way up, The French connection
Three score and ten
Bang on the drum, Lucky one
A crutch and a duck, Par for the course (from golf)
Crutch with a flea, Lucky three
Candy store, Grandmamma of Bingo, Lucky four
Granddaddy of Bingo, Lucky five
Trombones, Lucky six
All the sevens, Two little crutches, The double hockey stick, Lucky seven
Heavens gate, Lucky eight
Lucky nine
Gandhi’s breakfast, Eight and blank
Fat lady and a little wee, Stop and run
Fat lady with a duck, straight on through
Fat lady with a flea, Time for tea, Ethel’s Ear
Seven dozen
Staying alive
Between the sticks
Fat lady with a crutch
Two fat ladies, Wobbly wobbly, All the eights
89. Nearly there, All but one
Top of the shop, Top of the house, End of the line

Though there are many more phrases and slangs that players can use at no deposit bingo chat rooms, still these are the essential ones. These phrases will help you to beautify your chat and impress players with your knowledge. As there is a saying that Words play an important role to impress or depress people’. So learn and use them to have best online UK bingo chat experience.

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